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Freshman Being Bullied in Sorority Groupchat Happy to Have Finally Found Her Sisters


Photo by bagarteaga0 / Public Domain

As the annual sorority rush process has now come and gone, freshmen are settling into their new social scenes. Jessica Altworth (C’24) tells UTB that despite the constant negative messaging she receives that that is most definitely 100% bullying, she is happy to have finally found her home on campus.

Altworth joined a notable sorority on campus and is now in a group-chat with over 200 girls, including many upperclassmen that have reputations to maintain along the lines of "cool", "chill", and most importantly "fun".

This means of course, preserving social capital by having the new girls attend any and all social events with the brother fraternities. Altworth reports that freshmen who are unable or unwilling to attend are regularly told “get your shit together”, “either show up or drop”, and “be grateful we even gave you a bid you stupid little bitch.” 

Altworth says that despite this emotional turmoil, she has doesn't regret joining. “Rushing for me was about finding a supportive sisterhood. If that means that a senior girl is going to call me an ungrateful fat weasel for not going out on a Wednesday, then so be it. I mean, she is right. I’ll have another chemistry midterm, but the approval of a top-tier frat can’t be regained once it’s gone. The upperclassmen have made sure we remember that. They are so knowledgeable about all things college, and I’m so blessed to have them teach me.”