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Choose Your Own Adventure: Will You Resist Your Cousin’s Sexual Advances in Quarantine?


“All right, you little piss pig,” you snarl. “Give me back my fucking triscuits.” 

Addie, their eyes full of devilish mischief and their face twisted into a petulant smirk, spits back, “Make me.”

You need no further prompting. You throw yourself across the room and tackle Addie to the ground. Addie begins squirming beneath you, throwing punches and kicks directly into your gut. You register none of the pain, the mental agony of knowing that your triscuits are in harm’s way silencing any other bodily discomfort. You roll over and over each other on the floor, toppling lamps, chairs, and furniture, not noticing the stairs until you both find yourselves toppling helplessly downwards into the basement. Stunned, you find yourself on top of Addie. Bleary-eyed, you find yourself meeting Addie’s gaze. Their eyes are ravenous. “God, I didn’t know you liked to play so… rough,” they breathe. They lick their lips in anticipation. 

Pucker up!

Make a last-ditch effort to rescue your captive triscuits.