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Choose Your Own Adventure: Will You Resist Your Cousin’s Sexual Advances in Quarantine?


Photo by Willian Welbert / CC BY 2.0

“Ugh, fiiinnnee,” whines Addie, plopping on the ground six feet away. “Only since you insist.”

“Thank you very much, Addie,” you say, and you mean it. You are starting to feel slightly dizzy from the blood loss. 

“You know,” says Addie, smirking, “I think the bullet holes make you look real sexy.”

You’re completely floored. “You really think so, Addie?”

They nod. “I really think so. You definitely should have made the investment sooner.”

You’re softening up to Addie. They do look really… hot… in this nice… hazy mid-afternoon light… 

The last thing you see is Addie’s eyes looking down at you tenderly. Wow, you think, I wouldn’t want to die looking at anyone else. 

Congratulations! You died of blood loss before fucking your cousin (thank God).

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