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I Pay Lyn by Giving Her Bites of my Sandwich, and You Should Too


A wise man once said “If you give a man a fish one day, you give him one fish for that day, but if you teach a man how to be a fish, then he can be your fish for a lifetime”. This is exactly why I pay Lyn for my bacon egg and cheese by giving her one bite of my bacon egg and cheese. 

Society has it all backwards. Lyn spends all day slaving away alone in that truck baking us bread and laying us eggs, and she gets to try none of it! Nobody even goes inside to give her a hug for all that she does. We just stand outside like emotionless ATMs shoving cash in her face, and maybe giving her one thank you wink if we’re in the mood. 

That is why I pay Lyn by giving her a bite of my bacon egg and cheese: so she feels loved. I take my shoes off to be respectful, climb through that glassless window of hers and choo choo train that bacony bad boy straight to the back of her mouth. Then I give her a big hug, eat the rest of my sandwich while still in her truck (as any decent guest would do) and go on my way. 

Of course Lyn is always so thankful for my gesture. She always says stuff like, “you didn’t have to do that”, or “never do that again”, but I always come back for more! When she asks me to pay her in money instead of bites, I say, “Lyn! Stop asking me for one fish when I can teach you how to be a fish!” 

Lyn is so thankful she doesn’t even take my order anymore, my sandwich is just ready when I get there. Sure, she often gets my order wrong, and there is always some asshole already standing at the window that I have to fight with over my sandwich, but I know all of that is just Lyn’s way of teaching me to be a fish, not just giving me the fish. She also put signs all over her truck that say “no entering” so me and her can get some alone time. 

Lyn, if you’re reading this (which I know you are), I just want to say thank you. Yes thank you for the years of bacons, eggs, and cheeses, but also thank you for letting me inside your home when nobody else would; for taking a bite of my food when nobody else would; and for teaching me to be my own fish. Be free Lynda. Be free.