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Photo Essay: I Spit on Nature’s Majesty


I recently engaged in a short tryst to the wetlands of Washington. While I was hiking(I hike), I gazed out upon the beautiful terrain upon which I found myself. Out in front of me lay a gorgeous vista, untouched by man, with such a stunning beauty one is left with no choice but to pause and absorb the raw power of nature. As I observed this serene masterpiece, the entirety of my being was taken over by a fury the likes of which this planet has never beared witness. The gushing waterfalls and towering trees pissed me off to no end, and here’s what I did about it.  First, I saw this beautiful waterfall. Fuck this waterfall. 

And this one. It thinks it's all that, let's take it down a peg. 

See this waterfall?

It can go fuck itself too.

This next one was actually really pretty so I didn't flip it off. 

Just kidding of course I flipped off the bitch. All in all, I'd say my visit to Washington was a huge success, and I would absolutely recommend the Waterfalls of Washington LLC™ tour.