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Joy of Extra Hour of Sleep No Match for Horrors of 4:45 PM Sunset


Photo by The Daily Pennsylvanian

What a rollercoaster of a day. What began as elation has ended in true sorrow and despair. Most people woke up today feeling refreshed, the extra hour of sleep leaving a sparkle in their eyes. Birds chirped and sunbeams glistened. Harmony and peace reverberated in the air. All was well.

No longer. 

The cruelness of this world, the darkness of this very afternoon, has reminded man that he is but a hamster on the eternally spinning wheel of give and take. Nothing undoes a person quite like a pitch black sky at 5 PM. There is no antidote, no recourse, no worthy opponent for this horrendous yearly occurrence. We are shells of ourselves. There is perhaps no Sunday more grim. If this is the price we must pay, I say let the daylight go unsaved.