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New PENNMATH Stan, Willing to Trade Ultra Rare Photocards to Complete a Prof G Collection


Photo Credit // Penn Math Department

Hi Mathletes ^3^ 

I just started stanning PENNMATH and MATH1410 is my ultimate subunit!!! In preparation for their comeback this spring I’ve started collecting photo cards for my bias, Prof G. 

I’m looking to complete Ghrist’s full photocard set for all of the 1410 eras, but I’m still missing cards from the Fubini Theorem and Independence of Path units. Those were my absolute favorite comebacks!! I know that those photo cards are rare, so I am willing to pay (especially if they’re signed), but I also have some pretty rare listings that I can trade.

I have a few rare cards of my bias wreckers Cooper and Rimmer, but I am only willing to trade them for other rare Ghrist PCs. I also have a signed MATH2400 subunit poster that I am willing to trade for a rare PC. 

I’ve posted a comeback streaming guide so that we can build 1410’s popularity. I know that DRL doesn’t promote the group well, but I’m confident we can grow our fandom and pave the way for the other PENNMATH subunits. If we stop the fanwars I’m certain that PENNMATH will top the charts soon. Let’s work together, Mathletes! ?

I’m also looking to sell my Liz Magill photocards if anyone is interested. I unstanned her a while ago, and I’m trying to make my collection smaller.

DM me for any questions or if you wanna be mutuals! Do not interact if you’re a solo stan, and NO LOWBALLING.