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OFSL to Offer Philanthropy Credit for Penn Global Seminars in “Third-World Countries”


cc // Megha Govindu

OFSL has done it again! Staying true to their legacy of empowering students to catalyze change at home and beyond, OFSL has found yet another way to promote community service on campus. Starting Fall 2024, all sisters and brothers who visit a “third-world country” will earn philanthropy credit for their respective Greek organization. 

To further lower the barrier of entry, a key component of this new offering is that the list of eligible countries is self-selected by philanthropy chairs themselves. When asked about his selection process, one chair said he planned to use skin melanation as the primary criteria with socioeconomic stability to supplement. 

Though Penn Global Seminar courses have deceptively claimed to broaden horizons and deepen cross-cultural understanding, OFSL’s new initiative clarifies that their true purpose is to provide “feel-good” service opportunities.

Several students have come forward in support, attributing their excitement to the link between Penn Global Seminar trips and the missions they wrote about in their Common App. When asked how she plans to spend her week-long India trip, one sorority member listed, “posting pictures with the little brown kids,” “running deodorant donation drives” and “visiting the Taj Mahal.”

Even before the initiative has officially launched, it has been extremely well-received by 40% of all students. When asked what inspired this new development, an OFSL representative notably cited Manifest Destiny and its support by founder Benjamin Franklin, among other factors.