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OP-ED: My Name Tent Doesn’t Define Me, My Pensive Sighing Does

(11/03/23 12:58am)

It looks like Gravesend, today, as I glance left, right, and inwards from my front row seat of MGMT 3010 and I can't help but think about what I'm doing it all for. I choose to absorb, to consume knowledge, to let ideas permeate the membrane of my consciousness until I've postulated a higher thesis on the class content. Today I am self-actualizing: this class is showing me my value, our value; let us derive value together. 

Local White Kid Confused After Not Being Given ‘Priority Access’ to Club Applications

(10/07/21 6:06pm)

It’s been a tough few years to be a white male. Women’s voices were actually heard over theirs thanks to the #MeToo movement. Last year the quasi-liberals discovered that the BLM movement existed. And just when you thought those pesky greenies had shut up about climate change, no! - those damn club applications!