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Meresa García


OP-ED: Should Women Go to College?

My mom didn't, so why should I?

Good Girl! I Will Give Up My Virginity for Lent

Mother Meresa

Triple Minority: Brown, Female, and Can Cum!

How exotic! 

Pritchett Finally Becomes Something Everybody Understands!

I am Interim President. I matter. I am enough.

Depressed Student Cured After Therapist Tells Her She’s Amazing

Got Depression? Not me!

Women: Misogynists?

Without women, there would be no sexism

Breaking: UTB Rebrands As up the Butt in Support of Our Gays

Look out Penn: the gays are coming

Pass/Pass Option Now Mandatary for Wharton Students

Pass/Pass has always been the Wharton way of life 

Student Unfortunately Cannot Locate G-Spot West

It probably doesn’t actually exist. 

'Penn Men's Center for the Straight Male' to Be Housed Across from ARCH

Only when the white cis-male is free can we all be free.

Boy Confused Why Scoring Delta Girl Bad

Brad had landed the hottest Delta babe ever.

30x30: 30 Hits for 30 Days

Go outdoors, get high, and take a mindful minute. 

If Nothing Matters, Then Why Am I So Important?

Even the Halal guy tells me that I am important. 

How the Bridge to 1920 Commons Inspired Miley’s Hit Single "The Climb"

Just mere cobblestones away: Commons. 

It’s Time Someone Colonized This Little Brown Girl

Good dick is good dick.

Student Stumbles Upon New Species of Locust Walk Tree

Is this a Magnolia tree? 

Political Triumph: Biden Cancels Students for Good!