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Meresa García


30x30: 30 Hits for 30 Days

Go outdoors, get high, and take a mindful minute. 

If Nothing Matters, Then Why Am I So Important?

Even the Halal guy tells me that I am important. 

How the Bridge to 1920 Commons Inspired Miley’s Hit Single "The Climb"

Just mere cobblestones away: Commons. 

It’s Time Someone Colonized This Little Brown Girl

Good dick is good dick.

Student Stumbles Upon New Species of Locust Walk Tree

Is this a Magnolia tree? 

Political Triumph: Biden Cancels Students for Good!


From Marriage Pacts to Engagement Days: Penn’s Promise of Everlasting Love

Absque amore est vita inutilia. Life without love is useless.

Frats Compete With Testing Sites for Larger Turnout

We're the only ones allowed to have large gatherings! 

Penn Party Denier Just Has Really Strong Cold

Literally, like literally, no parties have been going on whatsoever. 

Job Too Stressful: Amy to Self Care in NY

Take care of yourself bb <3

Sturdy Girl Looking for Well-Balanced Guy

Please send in a picture (FULL BODY!!!) and a brief description of yourself. Include BMI, favorite position, income, and list of daily vitamins. I promise that if you are the right fit, we will have an amazing time together :) 

Kate Gives Up for Lent

Holy life tip: just give up.

Sara Excited for Spring Break-Down

It's time to process that year long PTSD! 

Bill Gates? 5G? The Real Truth Behind DP+

Tracking Penn students is the DP's ultimate wet dream.

Relief! Spikeball Season Continues Strong Following Sports Cancellation

Spikeball is life. Spikeball is love. 

New Seasonal Starbucks Menu To Come!: Vaccine Boost for 10¢ or Adderall Pump for 15¢

Saving lives, making addicts, that's the Starbucks guarantee! 

Five Trending Pillow Talk Topics To Get Them Hot and Heavy

*whispers sensually* equitable pay for all 

Penn Announces New Ratio of Ten Hot TA’s for Every Professor

Upon hearing the news, students were quite eager to see which model they might get.

Donate! Sisters Fundraising for Sansom West Room Decor