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Our Presidential Endorsement: Vermin Supreme

With election coverage reaching dizzying heights in recent months, the nature of the game has become quite clear: Big Media wants to keep us from the Truth. The media blackout has left the most progressive candidates out of the spotlight. One man in particular has been neglected. A man with a vision. A candidate with plans. 

Underthebutton.com has decided to use our platform as a socially conscious, of-the-people sort of blog to endorse our one and only pick for the election. We’re pleased to announce our support for Vermin Supreme.*

Firstly, we would like to address those who question whether Mr. Supreme is a serious candidate. Supreme himself has directly responded to this doubt, stating: [about the primary election] “There’s room for me in this mess, for sure.” It’s clarity and confidence like this that we need in the Oval.

Supreme has unparalleled experience running for president, as he has run in every single presidential election since 1992. The Henry Clay of our time, Vermin has put himself out there repeatedly, never letting haters get him down. In a world full of aggressive actors looking to challenge American interests left and right, what we need is a go-getter like Mr. Supreme. 

If Vermin's record doesn't convince you, then it's time to get down to brass tacks. Vermin has the policies that will transform the decaying American economic and political system into a viable, pony-based economy, lowering dependence on foreign oil and creating countless pony-tending jobs. This is just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about Vermin's plans, read more here

In an increasingly ridiculous and uncertain world, the need has never been greater for a candidate like Supreme. 

*Note: while this endorsement reflects the views of every single person** at Underthebutton.com, it does not reflect the beliefs of TheDailyPennslyvanian as an umbrella organization

**Regrettably, persons were fired in the process of ensuring a Vermin-friendly office space