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Help Save Amy Gutmann After Her Devastating Salary Reduction


In an appalling turn of events, University President Amy Gutmann’s compensation has plummeted 2.7 percent from last year, reducing her income from a comfortable $3,426,106 to a meager $3,333,878. That's a $92,228 difference. To put that in perspective, $92,228 dollars could purchase 92,228 one-dollar coffees at Wawa.

Before the salary decrease, Gutmann was the University’s top-paid employee. Now, she is the University’s top-paid employee. One would think that Penn would display more appreciation for its president, whose duties include speaking at podiums and existing (among other things, probably).

In order to combat this injustice, Under the Button has started a GoFundMe campaign to recoup President Gutmann’s losses. Our goal is the entire missing $92,228 dollars. It’s a lofty ambition, but Amy deserves this, at least until she leaves to join Hillary Clinton in government. All contributions help.

Thank you.