Seth Fein


Uh Oh: New LinkedIn Feature Will Flag Your Headshot If You’re Naked from the Waist Down

The days of partially-nude headshots are over. Thanks to a recent LinkedIn update, you can no longer annoy that one friend with a fancy camera to snap 60 identical photos of you outside Huntsman in your best blazer while completely naked from the waist down.

PennApps' New Shower Stations Go Unused

In response to the overwhelming stench which wafted through the hallways of the Towne building during PennApps 2017, this year’s organizers decided to place fully-functional shower booths at each corner of the event space. Surprising to nobody but unfortunate to many, these booths remained empty for the entire weekend.

All NSO Events Preemptively Moved to HUP Emergency Room

Citing low attendance in years past to mandatory New Student Orientation events, the University announced Monday that all events this year will be held at its hospital’s emergency room. The move is part of an effort to make attending NSO events more convenient for freshmen.

Internships Expose Students to Full-Time Employment—‘This Sucks,’ Say Students

"How was I supposed to know I can’t just skip? Apparently, they take attendance every day. Total buzzkill."

Decision to Not Grab Napkins With Food Proving to Be Big Mistake

With hot sauce dripping down his hands and onto his lap, Engineering sophomore William Morris is beginning to realize that his decision to forgo napkins with his food truck burrito was a big mistake.

Friend With Radio Show Really Wants You to Listen to Terrible Song

“Yo, check this out,” he messages you. “Up-and-comer for sure.”

Academic Advisor Caught off Guard by Mere Existence of Job

Sociology professor Vincent Kramer was having a relatively peaceful day until he received an email from a student regarding advanced registration. The student had addressed the professor as his “advisor,” a term foreign to the faculty member.