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What's HapPENNing?


Ah, the Monday before Halloween/Homecoming. The sun is shining, your Amazon Prime packages are on their way with some last minute accessories, and your “P” sweater is itching to be worn. Here are a few events to add to your already packed social calendar for this week.

Pop-Up presents: Koozies and Cake

Where: Locust Walk near the Compass

When: Monday from 12:50 –  2:00 pm

Why: Disobey your mom’s rules of accepting obscure desserts from strangers.

Flu Vaccine Clinic

Where: Bodek Lounge of Houston Hall

When: Tuesday – Thursday from 11:00 am – 7:30 pm

Why: Bring $25 cash to lessen the glorified cesspool most call “college” before swapping germs via handle pulls and DFMOs this weekend. It’s no cure for mono, but it’ll do.

Fright at the Museum

Where: Penn Museum (3260 South St. in case the freshman NSO memories of waddling over there dressed in a toga with your closest friends at Penn are, thankfully, not as clear as they should be)

When: Wednesday from 7 – 9 pm

Why: Get a good ol’ scare out of monsters, ghosts and spiders before returning to the true fright of attempting to live a fulfilling, meaningful life in a capitalistic society that demandswork until death, hard earned money for disposable yet essential goods, and the blindness that is culture consumption. Boo.

Strictly Funk presents: Inception

Where: Iron Gate Theater

Who: Penn’s premiere hip-hop and contemporary dance group. So like how you think you’re dancing after a few too many except good.

When: Thursday – Saturday, 8:30 pm

Why: Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page RSVP’d as “interested” on Facebook to show their friends back home how ~artsy~ they’ve become since living in Philadelphia, so you should be "going" irl. Also give your liver a well-deserved break during this chaotic weekend to watch some badass performers.

Osiris Senior Society presents: cOllabs for charity!

Where: Platt Student Performing Arts Center

When: Sunday from 8 – 10 pm

Why: Come watch others or potentially embarrass yourself in an open mic night encouraging collaborations between new people and new styles of performance. Your goal is Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, but you won’t be disappointed with Sia and Shia LaBeouf.