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Just Because It's Hot Out Doesn't Mean Global Warming Is Real

Hi everyone. You have probably noticed that today’s forecast shows a high of almost 70 degrees, which in some people’s opinion is “really fucking hot for the end of November.” As a result, some people think this is suddenly an open invitation to say global warming exists. We're here to tell those people once and for all: you’re wrong and we hate you.

For those of you who recall our previous newsblast about the strange weather, you know that UTB’s stance on global warming is that it’s a hoax perpetrated by President Obama (in contrast to Donald Trump’s views). We stand by that position and we anticipate that things will once again get real frigid when Trump takes the presidency.

We would also just like to remind our readers that if everyone had retroactively listened to us and voted for Vermin Supreme in 2012, we wouldn’t be having such stupid weather. (To see Vermin Supreme’s views on global warming, check out this video.)