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Oh You Ran A (Half) Marathon? Tell Me More


Photo from Pexels / CC0

It’s that time of year again, and no we’re not referring to Thanksgiving. We’re talking about the most dreaded event of the school year: marathon season. Gone are the days when you could roll out of bed and enjoy some light Instagram stalking of your ex-hookup’s 45 week old photo of his sister’s boyfriend’s cousin in peace. We have all been plagued with photo after photo of marathoners with your Goretex blankets, chunky gold medals, and overused puns with the number “13.1” in the caption. Do you think you're better than us?* Have you not heard of bikes? Uber? It's 2016, there are easier ways to travel long distances.

*Fine, you probably are. Props to you, TBH. Marathons are hard (we’re guessing).