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Penn Confirms Its Authoritarianism With Canvas Font Change

With formals/finals szn in full swing, you spent the weekend either dressing up for a night you won’t remember, dressing down for an afternoon in VP that you’ve already forgotten, or both if you choose to embrace the social Ivy’s “work hard, play hard” mentality of drinking to relieve Sunday-Wednesday’s academic stress! Yay, parties!

The sneaky administration, fully knowing how hard this weekend would be worked and played, went behind our backs once again to change the only stable aspect of this institution: Canvas. The narrower, lighter font is debatably more aesthetically pleasing than before, but who remembers weighing in on this? First Amy Gutmann will be running this town until 2022, and now the website central to the “work hard” well-being of the student body undergoes a radical change. Check it out for yourself-- you can't miss it.

How hard can we play under so despotic a regime??? Hint: not that hard.