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Sign Our Petition So Hoodie Allen Won't Perform At Fling

Spring Fling has brought some great artists to Penn: Akon, Chance the Rapper, Ke$ha, David Guetta,Tiesto, and plenty of others. Some artists, however, have cheapened the concert series: Tyga, for example, was perhaps not the best choice in 2013, no matter how big of a hit "Rack City" was.

We don't want certain artists to perform at Fling, no matter how big of a connection they have to Penn. In response to a student on Twitter, Penn alum and frat rapper Hoodie Allen expressed his interest in performing at Spring Fling. "I could only dream", wrote Allen. We cannot let this dream become a reality.

Hoodie Allen is not joking around about performing at colleges this spring, as made clear by this tweet. We have to stop him, before it's too late.

We have written a petition asking that President Barack Obama, in his final days in office, do whatever it takes to prevent Allen from performing. We ask that he not even be allowed on campus, so as to avoid a situation in which he delivers an impromptu verse for a small crowd of fans on Locust Walk. As stated in our petition below, it would be really cool if Seal Team 6 could play a part in this effort.

Please sign this petition... for all of us.