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UTB Reviews "Shabbatones Presents: MilesTONES"

Fresh off their collab with Chief Keef, the Shabbatones performed their show MilesTONES at the Penn Museum this past Saturday night. The Shabbatones are Penn’s only coed Jewish a capella group, because more would be absurd. The group, which performs a wide variety of music from pop songs in English to pop songs in Hebrew, was founded 15 years ago by singers who were tired of performing songs that the audience could understand. 

Contrary to popular opinion the Shabbatones do not perform on the Jewish holy day of Shabbat, so they should really be called the Anytime-But-Shabbatones. Very misleading. Also, we can thank the Shabbatones for successfully killing the mannequin challenge and for creating this Buzzfeed quiz about themselves, which we sincerely hope is some sort of parody (but is most likely not).

Due to the fact that no one in Under the Button was present for the show, we cannot accurately pass judgement on its quality. However, we heard it could’ve used more instruments. And, in the pattern of most student performance groups, 90% of the audience congratulated their son or daughter on a job well done upon completion of the show.