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The Tapingo App Is Getting Pretty Aggressive

Credit: Seth Fein

About two months ago, we at UTB decided to download Tapingo (FYI it's pronounced "tuh-PING-oh", according to the company), a food delivery app recently adopted by Penn Dining and surrounding restaurants. We have not used it since, and we're pretty sure that it knows. A few days ago, this notification popped up:

Okay Tapingo, a little presumptive there. We probably eat cereal just as often as normal people do.

Ha ha. Wait, how do you know that?

Yeah, right.

Okay Tapingo, we've discussed this before. We download whatever free app we see ads for. This is an open relationship and we refuse to be tied down.

As a matter of fact, no.

Whoa, relax. No need to bring the alt-right into this.

So maybe you have a point.

Why did you do that? There is nothing fun about what you just did. Please stop.

Okay, we can get on board with this.