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Rush: An Etiquette Guide for Joining Sororities and Fraternities

Rush is very different for men and women, but we've put together a guide for the sisters and brothers of tomorrow. Follow this religiously, and you'll be just fine.

For those rushing sororities: Arrive early. Dress as is exactly appropriate for the vague, confusing theme, and expect compliments of dubious authenticity. Be cordial to the girls waiting with you, but remember that they are your competition. Flatter the sisters who speak to you without coming off as a kiss-ass or desperate. Say a nice goodbye to sisters you're talking to when you switch away from them, but not so nice that you make the next sister feel uncomfortable or feel like she has big shoes to fill. Do not comment on the size of a sister's shoes—this will only create embarrassment and hostility. Answer questions truthfully, but remember that each answer should be carefully crafted to make a good impression. Do not be yourself, be someone better. Bring an EpiPen with you in case any sisters have allergies. Use each sorority's code word as frequently as possible (if you don't know the code words, it's already too late). Mention your Canada Goose jacket. Make every effort to remember sisters' names and use them as frequently as possible to demonstrate your engagement with the conversation. Expect basic questions and be prepared to liven up your answers with jokes or references to popular culture or student life. Do not mention the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Do not talk to boys. Do not talk to snakes in tongues. Remember the Alamo. Laugh frequently, but gently—you're easygoing and fun, prove it.

For those rushing fraternities: Enjoy the free food and events, and try not to throw up. Just be yourself. If you throw up, it's probably still OK.