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5 Water Bottles That Won't Fit in Your Fjällräven Backpack

Credit: Lisa Risager

With its unpronounceable name, minimal storage space, and variety of colors, kids these days love a Fjällräven. Better to look good than to be hydrated, I guess. Here are five water bottles that simply won't fit into the side pocket of your Fjällräven backpack, no matter how hard you try. 

1. Nalgene

Your Nalgene is the first of your water bottles that needs to go. This might be crushing, especially because people will no longer immediately recognize that you’re in Penn Quest, but come on! Did you seriously think this would fit? 

2. Camelbak Bottle

Keep dreaming. Though thinner, the Camelbak is just the elegant cousin of the Nalgene. It won't fit. 

3. S'well

You shelled out $35 because you swore you saw Rachel from Alpha Phi with a Smokey Quartz S'well bottle (chic spelling) in the side pocket of her Fjällräven, but yours just doesn’t want to fit for some reason. You’re starting to wonder if the pocket on your backpack is shrinking. 

4. Voss

Shucks! This incredibly thin, sleek, minimalist bottle still doesn’t fit in your Fjällräven. Is this a side pocket for ants? Also, you look like a tool because you purchased Voss water.

5. Aquapod

Wow! Even the smallest water bottle known to man still doesn’t quite fit in the side pocket of your Fjällräven. Maybe the side pockets are for umbrellas, after all?