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Group Of Junior Girls Celebrate A 21st Birthday


This past Sunday night, Christina Preston (C'18) received a group text from her friends to meet at 41st and Pine at 11:30 PM. They were to celebrate Junior Katie Reilley's 21st birthday. Plans for the night included Smirnoff "Icing" Reilley at her house after taking a couple hundred photos of Reilley posing with 66 inch long gold balloons in the shape of the numbers 2 and 1. 

"The balloons were a bit challenging. Katie has extremely poor eyesight and a bad memory, which is why we needed the 66 inch sized balloons. That way she could constantly be reminded what age she was turning throughout the night," Preston explained. The sheer size of the balloons caused some problems, though. We blew them up outside of Katie's house, so we couldn't actually transport them anywhere. Instead, we took pictures of Katie with the balloons outside, so there were several West Philadelphia residents photobombing all of the pictures." 

One of the girls in the group, who wished to remain anonymous, remarked that Reilley "tried to crop the photo-bombers out of the photos, but actually cut out the number 2 in the photos." Worried that her social media followers would think that she only turned age 1, Reilley decided not to Instagram any of the pictures. "You didn't hear it from me, but I think the real reason she didn't want to gram the photos is because the static from the balloons messed with her blow out. It really put a damper on the night," said the anonymous source.

The group of girls waited until exactly midnight, when Reilley officially turned 21, to "ice" her in front of the big 21 balloons. Reilley got down on one knee and sipped the drink before crying out "I can't finish!". Reilley reportedly made all the girls delete their Snapchat Stories of the moment.

At 12:15, the group of friends made their way to Smokes. Since it was a Sunday night, the bar was empty and the bouncer did not even card them. All of the girls walked freely into the bar except for Karen Sorenson (W'18), who was stopped by the bouncer. "He asked me to show my PennCard, which I forgot at home. It's honestly ridiculous. My roommate's friend's cousin hooked up with that dude last weekend. He knows we're both juniors," exclaimed Sorenson.

The remaining girls reportedly took one green tea shot each and called it a night. Despite being the only people at the bar, Preston later told us that her black Canada goose jacket was stolen from the Smokes coat rack. The next morning, Reilley could be found telling her friends on Locust that she was "totally blacked" the night before and that she "definitely took an L."