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I Saw the Mask and Wig Show, Now I'm Going to Study Abroad in Rome

Credit: Marco Verch

I saw Mask and Wig's spring musical No Place Like Rome on Saturday, and now I'm definitely studying abroad in Rome.

Like most of my peers, I was planning on going to London—or Hong Kong. Then I saw the Mask and Wig show and everything changed. If Rome is anything like the Wig show, it is exactly the type of place I’d like to study. I know what you're thinking, but the cultural barrier won't be an issue at all.  One of the Romans' favorite jokes was just like one on Arrested Development. I love that show—apparently, so do the Romans!  Everyone speaks English, so the language barrier is no concern.

In the Wig show, the Romans are always singing.  I, too, will break into song whenever I have anything meaningful to say. Everyone is a great dancer, even the gladiators, and there is a live band wherever you go. There really isn't any place like Rome!

As if Rome didn't already seem great enough, according to the Wig show, a strange man will pop up out of nowhere every once in a while and offer to make you a pizza! Hilarious! You can count me in.