Beware: Email Scam Requests That Students Pay Exorbitant “Tuition” And “Fees”

Credit: Screenshot

You may have been a victim of the recent phishing scam sent out to numerous Penn students, asking for the recipients to input their PennKey and password into a fake website. You also may have been foolish enough to fall for it, in which case you should send an email to with your credit card number and security code so we can be sure nothing like that ever happens again. (Do it.)

Now, students are reporting a new email scam, a message whose contents claims that a “new billing statement has been issued” and asks recipients to follow a link to make some sort of payment to the university. The charges to the student include “tuition" and “fees” at exorbitant rates. Do not pay this bill. It is a scam. There is no way college is this expensive—especially if you subtract the cost of all the classes you skip, which you don’t have to pay for, right?

If you’re worried that the email is real and ignoring it will result in financial penalties from the University, we remind you that tuition at Penn is paid through UTB. Please send us an email at with your credit card number and security code so that you may be appropriately charged for your education at a reasonable, fair price.