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Senior Attending All Feb Club Events Still Lacks Fulfillment

Credit: Class Board 2017

Wharton Senior Jacob Schnitzer went into Feb Club with high expectations. In an attempt to make the most of his final semester at Penn, Schnitzer set out to attend all 28 events and get his name engraved on a prestigious plaque in Smokey Joe's. 

"I'd say it's been an okay week," Schnitzer told us with a shrug. "Haven't really been sleeping much. Saturday was the snow tubing event. It took two hours to bus there and three hours to wait in line, but only three seconds to tube down the hill once. Sunday, at Frankford Hall, I waited an hour in a crowded room for a beer, and Monday I waited in a thirty minute line for a free Schmear It bagel. I mean, at that point, they only had blueberry bagels and strawberry cream cheese," Schnitzer sighed. "Maybe it's dumb but I just thought Feb Club would be, I don't know, more special?"

While he said he's generally had a decent time, Schnitzer still feels like he's missing something. "I guess I kind of thought that Feb Club would finally give me satisfaction with my life, a sense of fulfillment. I thought Feb Club would solve all my problems, but really it's just a month of activities. I'm as empty as ever, and more tired."

Still, Schnitzer remained hopeful that he could end the best four years of his life out with a bang. "At the very least I still want to live that quintessential college life before I go to Goldman Sachs and continue to do blow and party with Wharton kids, you know?"

When asked what events he was looking forward to attending, Schnitzer perked up at the thought of going to Atlantic City. "Yeah, that should be a good one! Two hour ride in a school bus to AC, where me and my friends are going to drink and dance," Schnitzer said, his excitement quickly being replaced with doubt doubt. "I guess it's kind of just like any other night out at Penn, except it's in AC." After a moment of thinking, Schnitzer added, "Maybe I'll play that one by ear, I still have a lot of work to catch up on."

Schnitzer didn't seem too concerned about losing the opportunity to see his name on the plaque in Smokes, citing that his name was already carved in "20 different places" in that building. "The only thing I really don't want to miss is Dave and Busters," replied Schnitzer. "I think it's my last chance for fulfillment at Penn, and it really never gets old."