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Students Come Together for National Pet Theft Awareness Day

Credit: Pet Theft Awareness Day

As all of our readers know, today is National Pet Theft Awareness Day. But to anyone who happens to be unfamiliar with the holiday, it occurs in the United States of America every February 14th, making this otherwise-innocuous February day remarkable. It is one of the most popular holidays in the country, and companies like Hallmark make big bucks off of it every year. This year, NPTAD truly couldn’t come soon enough. Amy Gutmann’s aggressive tweets have been alienating many, people have been tripping all over Locust Walk, and some students went a little too hard last weekend (okay, in terms of studying). What we’re saying is, Penn students really needed a pick-me-up. And what's a better fix than spreading the word about Pet Theft?

UTB is thrilled that we’ve seen so many people celebrating this year. Many couples have been spotted on Locust Walk embracing, appreciating the fact that even though trillions of pet iguanas and rocks are stolen every year, they still have each other. It’s truly a wonderful thing to see the Penn community coming together for something we can all agree on: Pet Theft is bad, and we should be Aware of it.