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Meet the Penn Student Pursuing a Stand-Up Comedy Career After Receiving 300 Likes on His Meme


La Yekthar Show / CC Share-Alike 3.0

Alex Tagore used to be a normal, quiet Penn student. He did his homework, occasionally went out, was a part of some clubs, and lived a normal, boring life. But this weekend, everything changed.

Stricken by the “meme fever” that had spread at Penn, Tagore decided to get himself involved in the growing trend. A new member of the world-renowned “Official Unofficial Penn Squirrel Catching Club,” Tagore initially just viewed the Facebook page as something funny and amusing to look at in his free time. Last weekend, however, he decided to take a leap of faith and create his own content.

Inspired by the other hysterical comedians at Penn, Tagore worked to design his own flawless meme masterpiece (or as he humorously calls it, a memesterpiece). After spending 28 straight hours putting together pictures of Amy Gutmann, M&T insults, and questionable pornography, Tagore finally finished his work of art.

After rigorously running the meme through all of his friends and making sure that it was funny enough to post on the prestigious Facebook group, Tagore finally decided to post his meme and await the results.

Before he knew it, his post had exploded. Countless students across campus were glaring at their phone screens and exhibiting small chuckles as they witnessed the work of a true creative mastermind. For the students, this meme served as a small moment of laughter. For Tagore, however, the meme proved to be a life-changing experience.

“I had never thought that I was funny,” Tagore remarks. “I’m terrible when it comes to making jokes, I can barely understand half of the jokes that people tell me, and I’ve never even watched stand-up or anything in my life. I had no idea I was actually so funny this entire time. Who knew it could be this easy to be hilarious?”

Tagore states that the key to his meme-making process was to dig deep into his creative mind and use his powers to create something truly moving and inspirational. “I tried to relate to my audience and provide a unique analysis on the nature of life as we know it,” he remarked. When asked why his meme so greatly resembled one from the page “UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens,” Tagore quickly ran away and avoided interviews with the DP for the next four days.

Unfortunately for the greater Penn community, however, Tagore’s meme career has come to an end after just one post. Finally realizing his potential as a comic, Tagore is now pursuing a full-time career as a stand-up comedian.

“In the end, it was the reactions to my meme that shaped my decision to pursue comedy,” Tagore says. “The response to the meme was incredible! As people started tagging their friends and commenting ‘lmao im ded fam,’ I knew that I had truly touched the hearts of thousands. Oh, and the 300 likes and temporary Penn fame was also pretty nice.”

As of this Friday, Tagore is withdrawing from all of his classes and suspending his studies at Penn indefinitely. He plans on immediately moving to New York City and “making it big in the Big Apple.”

“It can’t be that hard to succeed in comedy,” Tagore declares. “I’m sure people all across the world will understand my hilarious Amy Gutmann jokes … right …?”

We wish the best for Mr. Tagore as he makes his way to New York to pursue his newfound talent. Even if his dreams don’t work out, he is always welcome to continue posting on OUPSCC. After all, you can never really have too many M&T insults on one page.