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Power Outages Strike Again, Huntsman is Now the Sole Beacon of Light in This Dark World


Original by Lizzy Machielse, edited by Amanda Nart / The Daily Pennsylvanian 

You may have heard about the PECO power outages that struck the 39th block of Spruce and of Delancey during the snowstorm in early March. These outages inconvenienced a large number of people in Greek life organizations who lived on the block, as well as whoever else lives around there. 

Unfortunately, a similar fate has now befallen literally every building on Walnut, Locust, Delancey, and Spruce between 33rd and 41st. There is only one building left alight (yes, DRL still has lights, but no one wants to go there). One lighthouse for the rest of the Penn community to look towards and take refuge in. This building is Huntsman Hall, obviously. 

It should be a familiar feeling for most Penn students — no matter what is happening, Huntsman always seems to be dealt the best hand. This time, it's the only building with functional lights, heat, or wifi. It's unclear whether Huntsman is the only building on campus with its own generator, or if God simply chose Huntsman to survive these dark days in a Noah's Ark-type scenario. 

Luckily, the building is large enough to house the thousands of students displaced by the outages. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the duration and severity of the outages, Wharton has been cancelled for the upcoming week. Not just Wharton classes, but Wharton itself. The school will cease to exist for the immediate future, as students from the College of Arts and Crafts flood Wharton's sacred temple (the Wharton Death Star, if you prefer) searching for shelter and power outlets in the Forum. Non-Wharton students still cannot reserve GSRs, however, so if you're looking to camp out in Huntsman you may want to ask a friend with more lucrative career prospects than your own to get you one.

We at Under the Button dot com do not know when light will return to West Philadelphia. Hell, we are not even sure if it ever will. Don't be alarmed if this site goes dark for a while. We'll try to make a place for ourselves in the halls of Huntsman, but who knows what will happen? In the meantime, Wharton students might finally pay the price for their free printing.