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9 Things Only People Who Own Succulents Will Understand

Credit: Public Domain

Building its resistantance to harsh conditions over millennia, the succulent is a stout and tenacious plant. They can survive extreme high and low temperatures by storing water through droughts, and they sure do look cute doing it! This list goes out to anyone who loves succulents as much as we do here at Under the Button dot com.

1. Giving your succulent a name like "Juan" or "Jean Marie" isn't weird, it's totally normal.

2. You can't leave your Stenocereus or your Opuntia engelmannii on the heaters in the high rises, or you might come home to them black, burnt, and miserable. They're not invincible, guys. 

3. The last aisle in Ikea is a goldmine for green friends.

4. Part of your criteria for a sub-letter is "caring, timely, and good with plants."

5. Not that many words rhyme with cactus, but here a few ones that are good ones that are good for writing your succulent a nice, romantic Petrarchan sonnet or a whimsical limerick: practice, tractus, Actis. 

6. Slant rhymes include: apparatus, attractive, distracted, proactive, tactics. 

7. Basket weaving is a great complementary skill for any succulent owner. You can make different baskets for your cactus! Like the one pictured above. 

8. Not ALL succulents are cacti!!! Let's give Aloe vera and ponytail palm some love too. 

9. Although succulents do not need watering everyday, they still do appreciate daily check ins so that they know that you care.