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Zedd Spotted Wandering Campus, Looking for Power Outlets to Charge His Computer


Photo by Ivy Main / CC 3.0

Students are excited for Zedd to headline the Spring Fling concert this evening, and everything is going according to plan. Well, almost everything. An unforeseen wrinkle in the planning process threatens to derail the entire show: Zedd's laptop is dead.

Zedd has been spotted walking around campus in a frenzy, searching for an outlet to charge his computer with. Because he isn't a Penn student, Zedd has been having trouble gaining entrance to many of Penn's buildings without a PennCard.

"I can't get in anywhere, and no one is helping... no one is even recognizing me. It's like there are a lot of other lightly bearded, rich European dudes on this campus and I don't stand out. It's incredibly frustrating," Zedd told us.

The world-famous EDM artist worries that unless he finds an outlet soon, the show will be a disaster. "I forgot to plug it in last night and now my Macbook is dead. It has all my music on it," he groaned. "If I don't have my laptop charged in time, there will be no show. Period."

SPEC is scrambling to line up alternative performers, and an member of the executive board spoke to us on condition of anonymity. "We went to the Shabbatones first, but it'll be the Sabbath by the time the show starts so they won't be able to do it. Penn Masala is too controversial. We're going to see if Disney A Capella is available, but we're all just hoping Zedd finds a place to charge his computer."

At time of publication, Zedd had finally found an outlet but realized that his charger has one of the weird European types of plug, and that he will need an adapter. We will update this story as it develops.