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5 Ways to Show Your Professor How Much You Love "Weird Al" Yankovic


Photo by Rob DiCaterino / CC BY 2.0

Everybody loves "Weird Al" Yankovic, but no one loves him as much as you do. The only issue is how to demonstrate the depth of your adoration for Alfred Matthew "Weird Al" Yankovic, America's most handsome accordionist, to your professor. Here are some tips.

1. Just be honest

Sometimes, simple solutions are best. Approach your professor after class and tell them: "I love Weird Al Yankovic, one of the funniest men in music. I love him more than anyone, and I'd do anything for him. I see him in my dreams. Anyway, thanks for the great lecture!"

2. Play "Amish Paradise" at full volume on your laptop during class, and explain that it's on purpose

Every day some idiot accidentally has his sound on and plays a few seconds of a video or song for the whole class to hear. Show your whole class how much Weird Al means to you by playing his legendary parody of Stevie Wonder's "Pastime Paradise" as loud as you can. Once everyone is looking at you, announce: "This is no mistake, I want to share the splendor of Weird Al with you, my peers, and you, oh venerated Professor." If you can bring a bluetooth speaker, it might help.

3. Wear a realistic Weird Al wig and mask to speak with your professor

Sit quietly through lecture in your custom-made, lifelike reproduction of Weird Al's face and gorgeous ringlets. After class or in office hours, speak to your professor and explain: "I am not really Weird Al Yankovic, beautiful as my hair might be or chiseled as my chin may appear. I'm just wearing a $3500 disguise, because I love Weird Al and his music. Do you know the song 'Another One Rides the Bus'?"

4. Ask your professor to look over a first draft of your essay, when it's really just the lyrics to "eBay"

Your professor will be shocked and appalled when they sees that your essay on 18th century religious movements begins with the phrase "A used... pink bathrobe." Shocked, because they'll realize how much you love Weird Al Yankovic. Appalled, because they'll realize that their love for their spouse can never approach your love for comedy hero Weird Al. 

5. Call your professor "Professor Weird Al Yankovic" instead of their real name

They'll catch on. It's not because you don't know their name; it's because no one can make you laugh, cry, learn, FEEL, like Al can.