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Wow! AOD's Initiatives End Up Making Party Way Better


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With the advent of Penn’s new policies on social events, fraternity-organized parties are going just as well as one would expect– remarkably.

“These rules really promote a safe and care-free environment to have fun in,” says junior Riley Saunders, an AOD student representative and enjoys scrapbooking and knitting in her free time. “All they do is provide a set of guidelines to foster a welcoming and nurturing environment without risk of How could anyone think otherwise?”

With the new registration system, on-campus organizations are racing to log their events.

“It’s a great thing the University is doing," says senior Tracy Karpman, who is planning a social event later this month. "It's so exciting to be able to click submit on the registration form and know that you're participating in a system that cultivates healthy social behaviors and engages and empowers Penn students."

Social events are changing for the better in other ways, too. Fraternity president Josh Seides was placing a few bottles of Smirnoff on the counter of the frat house bar when he snuck a swift glance at the turnout. Something seemed off– a few attendees must’ve brought unregistered guests. After rounding them up in the living room and taking a headcount, Seides counted one hundred and sixty three guests.

“I explained to them the rules that were clearly outlined by the Alcohol and Other Drug Program Initiatives,” Seides recalled. “We couldn’t have the alcohol out, since there were over 150 people. I couldn’t believe it when a couple hooligans started complaining from the crowd. We don’t need alcohol to have a good time.”

Unfortunately, they had already hired a university-approved bartender for the night, and Seides was determined to get the most of the $25/hr rate he was charged.

“We didn’t have any hard liquor left, but we had tons Coke and water. I think one of the brothers brought some Sunny D as well. Charlie, our bartender, had a difficult time mixing drinks with the limited amount of beverages available. Luckily, he could wiggle his eyebrows and make them move like a caterpillar, so he entertained the few partygoers that stayed.”

Seides, along with other fraternity leaders, are looking forward to a bright future.

“I can’t wait to see what other policies the university has in store for us,” he said, without any sarcasm in his voice. “I get excited just thinking about it.”