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Inspiring: Freshman Refuses to Eat Until He Can Invest His Dining Dollars in Bitcoin


Photo by Ash Berlin // CC BY-SA 2.0 (Edited)

Most Penn students are dissatisfied with their dining plan, but Nathan Feldman (M&T’ 21) is concerned with more than just health ratings.  This brave freshman wants to use his dining dollars for a more long-term investment: “There are much better things I could be doing with the money my parents spend on the dining plan,” explained Feldman. “If I can’t get off the dining plan entirely, I should at least be able to use my dining dollars to buy some cryptocurrency.”

Feldman reached out to Penn Dining services in hopes of establishing a meaningful dialogue, but had no such luck. “I’m a reasonable man; I’m willing to compromise. I emailed Penn Dining with my ideas and all they sent back was a picture of the miscellaneous boiled squash they serve every night in Hill.”

Now, Feldman is taking a stand. “What good will eating do for me in the next financial quarter? I took that half credit blockchain course and I can tell you what isn’t the currency of tomorrow: dining dollars.”

A whole two and a half hours into his hunger strike, Feldman reports that things are looking up. “Honestly, I feel pretty good. I’m handling the business side of an iOS app that will help humans carry out photosynthesis, so I’m optimistic I can hold out until my demands are met.”

Feldman’s final words of wisdom? “Frontera can suck it, I want a bitcoin.”