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Freshman Can Explain Relativity Theory, but Can't Think of Fun Fact During Class Introductions


Photo by Raidr / Public Domain

College Freshman Ben Walker was unable to think of an interesting fact about himself during his first Physics 150 class introductions. This momentary inability to participate lays in sharp contrast to his behavior during the rest of the class. At almost any other moment during this inaugural Physics 150 class, Walker could be heard explaining relativity theory. 

After the professor introduced the course at the beginning of class, he asked each student to state his or her name and an accompanying fun fact. When it was Walker’s turn, he stated “relativity theory is .0007 times more accurate than Newton’s laws.”

“No, tell me something about yourself,” the professor responded, correcting him.

After forty minutes of verbal fillers including “um,” “uh,” and “you know,” Walker finally thought of a fun fact. “I am a human man,” he stated halfheartedly. “Also, the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers,” he added, his tone shifting toward one of confidence.