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Huntsman Hall Bitcoin Stroll


Photo by geralt / CC0 

Tomorrow evening is the Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll, or better known as the event you clicked “interested” for on Facebook to show your parents that your spending habits aren’t as frivolous as your multi-Uber weekends may suggest. Vendors of West Philadelphia sell various types of goods for only $1 – that’s cheaper than a lot of things you can buy!

But if dollar bills are so yesterday and Venmo is far too traceable for your liking (because “For stuff” is a really sneaky caption for your transaction, FYI), you’re in luck! Tomorrow night is also the 1st Annual Huntsman Hall Bitcoin Stroll.

Lighten up your Blockchain wallet and purchase all kinds of things with the coin you can’t actually see! You know what they say: you’re not actually spending money unless you see the physical bills being forcefully removed from your hands.

Some of the featured vendors include “Fake IDs For Freshmen Who Think Rumor is Gonna Be a Fun Time,” “The Dark Web Except in the Dark Forum,” “Overstock.com For Some Reason,” and “IDK, My Dad Who’s in Banking Told Me to Buy Some of These.”

Cryptocurrency is all the rage. You will also be enraged when you realize how many USD you’re spending. But hey, less money, less problems. Come stimulate the economy for the night.