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Junior Girl No Longer Relevant After Removal From Frat Listserv


Photo by JESHOOTS / CC0

Katie Reinhart (C’19) thought junior year was going as well as it could be. Beginning her days by waking up in a cold sweat fearing the possibility of unemployment and ending them with an anti-aging serum, she was content. When figures in bulletproof vests were obstructing her social life, she had a great time getting rejected from Smoke’s and watching sweaty freshmen make out. Who says juniors are washed up? She was living life.

That is, until she overheard a group of sophomores discuss an upcoming Angels & Devils party, and realized that she had been removed from her favorite fraternity’s listserv.

“This is unbelievable. I’m not just a rose, I’m the entire garden. I’m not just a belle, I’m a ball. A sweetheart? Actually pretty sour now, but thanks,” Katie spat. 

“How am I supposed to know who’s throwing late night parties? This was literally my only source of self-validation, so, yeah, you could say I’m a bit frustrated.”

Katie continued, despite our interjections. “Did I always attend the parties in the emails? Absolutely not. But I loved knowing that I was invited. Now I'm going to have to text my friends 'what's going on tonight?' like a freshman.”