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St. A's Fraternity Lands Lucrative Coca-Cola Sponsorship


Photo by MJ Kang / The Daily Pennsylvanian

The brothers of St. Anthony Hall (Delta Psi) can add another feather to their caps: the fraternity just became Penn's first to become sponsored by a soft-drink company.

While most fraternities must purchase soda to use in mixed drinks or as chasers, St. A's won't have to spend a dime. All the products of the Coca-Cola Company will be provided to them, free of charge: Sprite, Fanta, Powerade, even Dasani bottled water. Of course, the brothers are most excited about all the free Coke they'll get.

In exchange for the free Coca-Cola products, the brothers are expected to serve as brand ambassadors, sharing Coke with others at their parties, mixers, and rush events. Furthermore, they're expected to talk about Coke with friends and peers on campus. The Coca-Cola Company sees the arrangement as mutually beneficial.

"Coke is really great for any situation: with alcohol, at a ball game, with a meal, or just if you need a little jolt to stay alert and focused during the day," a representative for the company said in a statement outside the St. A's chapter house, while brothers of the fraternity grinned next to her. "Of course, we don't mean to downplay our other top-notch products, but we understand that Coke is a lot more popular on this campus than Fanta."

"We heard that these guys love Coke," the representative concluded. "Now, they're officially the Coke frat."