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This Teen Returned a Lost Wallet With $1500 Inside Because He's Rich and Didn't Need It


Photo by Pixabay / Public Domain

Faith in humanity = restored.

Josh Arlok, a 19-year-old Wharton sophomore, found a wallet with $1500 in it just sitting in a Huntsman classroom. Cold, hard cash. Most people would have just taken the money and gone on with their day, $1500 richer. Not Josh.

Instead of stealing the money, Josh found the student's ID and tracked him down to return the money. We checked in with the Huntsman Hero to see why he did what he did.

"Well, I won't lie to you," he told us. "My first thought was to take the money and use it for something fun, like drugs or alcohol. I figured, hey, $1500 would buy a decent amount of drugs, or alcohol. But then I remembered something."

"It's $1500, but I'm really, really rich. To be honest with you that's kind of a paltry sum to a guy like me," Josh continued. "So I just found the kid on Facebook and gave him back his wallet. My parents had just sent me some money anyway, and I already have a lot of drugs and alcohol." 

Wow... it's good to see that there are some people left in this world who aren't selfish! Josh told UTB that he already has everything he needs: expensive clothes, expensive habits, and his parents' credit card. 

We contacted the wallet's owner to see how thankful he was that a benevolent guy like Josh had returned his money.

"I didn't really care about it, actually, because I'm also really rich" said Wharton senior Andri Berisha. "I was like, 'Oh, cool, thanks or whatever.' I hadn't even realized I'd lost it. My parents would have been pretty mad, because they would have had to cancel their credit card."