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Clickbait: The Reason Why the Forum Is So Dimly Lit Will Shock You


Photo by Jan-Erik Finnberg / CC 2.0

As a convenient spot to work between classes and meetings or while waiting for your GSR to become available, the forum is often occupied by students squinting to read their notes under lights as dim as their OCR prospects. But why would such an expensive building, a building with so much money, a building with so many rich people and stuff, have such feeble illumination? Under the Button ventured to find out the truth, and it was shocking.

Near the end of the $139.9 million building’s construction, the project’s planners realized that they had built sockets for high-powered light bulbs in the ceiling of the forum, but had not yet installed the bulbs. As the planners were alums of Wharton, they sucked at math, and had miscalculated how long a ladder they would need to reach the ceiling.

At that point, they simply did not have enough funding left to buy a ladder that was tall enough. It was an inevitable tragedy that could easily have been avoided by a couple Engineering students.