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6 Group Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Squad and Samantha’s Boyfriend


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Halloween is upon us, and, like you, the squad and I are here for it. Here are six Halloween costumes for the whole squad and Samantha’s boyfriend, because he’s probably going to be there too.

1. Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids, starring Kristen Wiig, is a great squad costume idea for Halloween. There are enough parts for the whole squad, and honestly they’ll all probably be bridesmaids at your real wedding anyway. This one kind of works out pretty well too because I guess Sam’s boyfriend, Jack, can be the groom. I thought it would be better without him, but she really wants him to feel included, so that’s fine. It doesn’t totally work because the movie isn’t really about the groom, but it’s fine.

2. Sexy Cats

Sexy cats are a classic. Dress in black, toss on some ears, and put on some quick whiskers with your favorite black liner. This one would really only work if Jack is also cool with being a sexy cat. Like if he's cool with it, I’m cool with it. But just double check because he might not be cool with it.

3. Sexy Emojis

Emojis are a great choice because you can make a fun game out of choosing the costumes. Have each person in the group pick an emoji for another person that really captures their essence. For example, if I were to pick one for Jack, I would choose the purse emoji, because, like Sam’s new tote, he's only been with her for three weeks, and he feels kind of out of place in this situation. Also he would look FIRE.

4. Mean Girls

Regina George would have nothing on you and your squad in this pink get-up. You better hope Halloween is on a Wednesday, because your whole crew is going to bring it. Jack would fit this look perfectly if each of the mean girls had a date with them, but it might be weird with just Jack since the rest of us agreed this would be a girl’s night. Maybe he can be Damien?

5. Rosie the Riveter

Okay, I get it. Jack coming is non-negotiable, but this feminist classic is just going to be off balance with a crew of eight Rosie the Riveters and Jack. Maybe he can add to the look by going as a male feminist. And then stand in the back of the picture.

6. Charlie’s Angels

At this point it feels like I’m running out of ideas. Jack likes Charlie’s Angels right? Maybe he can just be Jack: the guy who likes Charlie’s angels. That would be fun.

In the end, whatever your girls choose to be, there’s nothing more fun than having a great Halloween with the squad, even if Jack has to ruin everything.