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QUIZ: ​Hey! Are You Going Out?


Photo by dennis crowley / CC0

Hi, girly! I hear you blasting some jams in your room. Are you pregaming?

A. Yeah, brosky! Grab a brewsky!

B. No, actually my eight friends and I are analyzing “Closer” for our Music and Science class. The Chain Smokers are incredibly influential. You probably wouldn't get it.

What places are you hitting?

A. Crows. Oz. Apes. Snakes.

B. Wolves. Vipers. Hippopotami. Pterodactyls.

Ah, see, I’m not really into the frat scene. Anything else going on?

A. No.

B. No.

Oh, gotcha. What about any late nights?

A. Yes, and I’m going to spend the entire time talking about my 9 AM recitation the next day!

B. Yeah, there’s a thing going on later at Wawa at 38th and Spruce that should be pretty lit.

Okay, so, what’s the haps for tomorrow?

A. Well, it’s a Monday, so probably Smoke's.

B. My Cohort and I booked a GSR till the wee hours of the morning. Never too soon to start studying for finals. Or the GMAT.

If you marked mostly A's: can I come with?

If you marked mostly B's: that’s cool. I get it. I had plans anyway…