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Australian Student Flies Home for Fall Break to Spend 30 Minutes With Family


Photo by Tim Gouw / CC0

Sam Wong (E ’19) knows the importance of family. It shouldn’t surprise you, then, that this loving older brother visits home whenever he gets the chance.

Sure, his family might live on the other side of the globe, but what of it? Some things in life are just worth the time and effort.

“And I’m basically sleeping on Australia time anyway,” mused Sam to our reporter, “so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.”

Every fall break, Sam—good natured kid that he is—takes the first flight to Sydney he can catch.

"I just like to catch a little rest and relaxation between midterms” Sam shouted over the sounds of turbulence and screaming infants to our valiant reporter curled up in his carry-on, “Honestly, I thought I’d be sitting next to at least a couple other Penn kids. Maybe they overslept?”

Their loss. Sam’s lovely weekend started with roughly 30 hours in the air, followed by a quick five hour jaunt across the Australian plains to reach his family’s country house. He enjoyed a rejuvenating three minute shower, a pleasant five minute dinner with his parents, and then spent the remaining 22 minutes sequentially losing and finding all of his travel documents.

But Sam knew that all wonderful things must come to an end. Too much vacation is never a good idea! After his luxurious half hour abroad concluded, Sam was back on the road and then in the air. Just like that, thirty hours later, he’s all set for his Monday morning 8 am lecture.

Good for you, Sam!