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OP-ED: Why My Minor in Cinema Studies Sets Me Apart


Photo by Virgo Group / CC 4.0

Hi there. Remember me? I interviewed for that entry management position last week. If you don’t remember, I was the handsome one. Haha! Just kidding. But really, do you remember me? 

Anyway, I just wanted to follow up on our interview and ensure that you’re aware of my myriad qualifications. More specifically that, as opposed to other applicants who concentrated in just one area, I concentrated in multiple. That is, I have both a major and a minor. To remind you, these are in Economics and Cinema Studies, respectively.

It wasn’t easy balancing my multiple degrees. When I say “degrees” (plural) I technically mean “degree” (singular), but having a major and a minor is basically two degrees. And my minor isn’t really related to my major, so you know I took some extra classes. Sure, they all fulfilled my general education requirements, but I really focused in one area. And I think that’s unique.

I know what you're thinking. Cinema studies—probably just watching movies all day, right? Not so fast! The classes did not last all day. I only watched movies an hour and a half per day, at most. And some days, none at all! For my class in pre-1945 film history, we didn’t watch a single movie. Did you know movies weren’t invented until Singin’ in the Rain? That was the first movie! I know a lot about the cinematic arts.

The skills I've gained from my six cinema classes will improve my performance in this position. I can watch a movie and tell you exactly what kind of film they used (digital or the other one). This will impress clients. Additionally, I've strengthened my communication abilities, as in both management and cinema it's vital to frame things well. See what I did there? They have a lot in common.

Some of my other skills include PowerPoint and being a good person. I hope that this letter has persuaded you to give some extra consideration to what I will bring to the team. 

Hasta la vista, maybe! (I think I got that right.)