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This Student Was Elected to Represent the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Then He Transferred to MIT.


Photo by Pixabay // CC0 Creative Commons

All newly elected Class Board Engineering Chair Peter Wilson (E’ 20) wanted was to serve his engineering class. He campaigned hard with concrete, positive goals, and was lauded by his classmates as a candidate with a strong vision and detailed steps to get him there. Naturally, he was voted into office and began his Engineering leadership immediately.

“Once I was appointed the Engineering Chair, I sat down and really thought about what Engineers want. Part of my job as the Engineering Chair is to be able to empathize with the Engineering class, to really be able to put myself in their shoes and think what they’re thinking. And the more I talked to more my friends, the more I realized what they want. MIT is just so much better for engineering.”

Wilson was notified last Thursday of his acceptance into MIT’s transfer class of 2021 three hours after he was elected into office.

“It was a good run,” he said.

Peter Wilson plans to take the offer and transfer to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology next month. Therefore, he’ll will be stepping down as the Engineering Chair for the sophomore class.

“I don’t think of it as abandoning and leaving my class. I’m simply realizing the desires of a typical student in Penn Engineering. When I’m there, I’ll be receiving such a better tech education. I know my class will understand... it’s what they would’ve wanted.”

Sophomore Rachel Myers (E '20) spoke out about her concern. “This is the third member of our Class Board that’s left. I’m starting to think our class office doesn’t even care about us. Who even is electing them?”

Wilson has indicated interest in running for class office once he gets to MIT.