Freshman Accidentally Rushes Sci-Fi Instead of Phi Psi


Jordan Taylor (E ’21) was looking forward to rushing a reputable and quality fraternity. After hours of eating free food, mingling with the brothers, and attending lavish outings, he finally received a bid from the frat he coveted most: Phi Psi.

Or, so he thought! When he went to brag about his achievement to some of his friends, he was hit with a reality check.

“Guys, I just made Sci-Fi!” he told his friends.

“Wait, uh, you mean Phi Psi? Sci-Fi is definitely not a frat here,” countered one of Taylor’s friends.

It was in this moment that Taylor realized his mistake. A single slip of the tongue while inebriated—one that has victimized hundreds of freshmen and upperclassmen alike—cost him his dreams. He was now a Sci-Fi brother instead of a Phi Psi pledge.

“It all makes sense now—that’s why 'IT’S A TRAP' was written on the door. Also, that part when they made me stick a lightsaber up… Honestly, for most frats, I wouldn’t even be able to tell!” Taylor admitted.

Taylor looks to stay in the club, despite his confusion. Two days and a Google Form later, he’s already been promoted to Squadron Leader.