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Freshman Confused That Halloween Hasn’t Happened Yet


Photo by OpenClipart-Vectors (edited) / CC0

It was quite a weekend. After several nights out with the whole squad and Samantha’s boyfriend, Wharton freshman Hannah Scofield was hungover, exhausted, and thoroughly Hallow-ed out. So upon waking up this morning to several posts on Facebook about Halloween, she was pretty annoyed. It has been two days since Halloweekend, she figured people should stop posting about it.

“I’m pretty much over it, and really I’ve forgotten most of what happened on Halloween,” Hannah told us on Locust Walk as she glared at a group of small children in costume.

“It’s like, we get it that you looked super hot in your costume, but it’s time to move on,” she said. She then stared at us without blinking until we nodded in agreement.

So far, no one has told Hannah that today is actually Halloween, including her roommate, Bethany. “No, I’m definitely not gonna be the one to tell her. She’s kind of a bitch and I’m pretty sure she secretly has a cat living with us. I don’t owe her anything,” Bethany told us.

Sounds like Hannah’s gonna be left in the dark — hope it’s not too spooky …