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Girl Oversleeps Sorority Trip to Linvilla Orchards, Goes By Herself


Photo by Private / CC0

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and a basic apple orchard photo keeps the followers in awe!

Mia Diletti, a sophomore in Beta Alpha Epsilon, blinked her eyes as she woke up Sunday afternoon to the glimmering sun and the drowning honks of cars reprimanding that one idiot who turned the wrong way down Walnut Street. She enjoyed these first four seconds of her morning until she checked her phone and realized the unthinkable: She missed the bus for her sisterhood retreat to the one, and only, Linvilla Orchards.

Mia’s world suddenly came crashing down. She was missing out on Linvilla — the destination so perfect for sorority events, it literally has the word “lin” in it. How would she post a Boomerang with her sisters throwing apples in the air that they found on the ground? She bought a flannel and practiced her pumpkin-holding poses just for today. And, what, those would go to waste? Her next date night wasn’t for another two weeks; what was going to fill her Instagram grid in the meantime?

Mia broke into a cold sweat as she contemplated the horror of letting her planned Insta caption and its four backups go to waste. That’s when she decided that, no, her valued social media presence was not about to suffer from this minor setback.

Mia skipped all three of her classes on Monday.

Two Uber rides: $43.78. One quart of apples she’d put in the fridge and forgot were there: $5.99. Cider and donuts as her monthly cheat meal: $4.50. The gratification of posting the perfectly unexpected Instagram photo taken by a mom with a few too many kids: priceless.