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Wow! This Guy Pronounces "Gyro" Correctly at Greek Lady


Photo by George Ruiz / CC 2.0

Nathan Kwan (E '19) is a man of many talents. Engineering Chair of the 2019 Class Board, captain of club squash, an avid cook and a gifted songwriter-- it really seems like Kwan does it all.

And now this: just the other day, Kwan ordered a "chicken yee-ro" (a chicken gyro, for the uninitiated) at Greek Lady. 

Kwan proudly stated, "Yeah, most people don't really know that it's pronounced that way. But I spent the summer traveling in Europe, so I know a thing or two about Greek culture from my time in Santorini." He took a bite of the French fry-stuffed pita. "I think authenticity is important. Most Americans don't appreciate the beauty of other cultures."

Not everyone was impressed by his worldliness, though. Annie Johnson (C' 18) shrugged: "I've ordered a 'jy-ro' before. I get that it's not necessarily the exact pronunciation, but it's still the same goddamn sandwich."

Kwan was seen later that night at Allegro's, ordering a "chicken Parmi-GIA-no" like a douche.