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Guy Who Didn’t Do The Readings Just “Piggybacking Off Your Point There”


Photo by USDA / Public Domain

In a series of bold moves that left dozens awestruck and countless others marveling at his intelligence, College sophomore Frank Lee has reportedly provided thoughtful and insightful commentary in a discussion-based recitation, despite never having done the readings or attended class.

“The trick is to just take what someone else already said and say it in different words,” Lee remarked. According to other students in the course, Lee spends the entire class on Thesaurus.com, finding synonyms for words that other people have already used and using them to carefully “piggyback” on the comments of other students.

“For the first month of class, I thought this guy was a genius,” noted Alex Richards, a freshman in Lee’s class. “He spoke so often, always raised his hand, and seemed to have really interesting insights. But then I realized that for some reason, he was never the first person to raise his hand in any discussion. I knew something was up.”

While most other students in Lee’s class are perfectly aware of his tricks, the professor has yet to catch on. Lee has reportedly received the highest participation score in the history of the course, and has impressed the professor so much that he has been invited to TA the course next semester.

“I’m honestly not sure what this class even is,” said Lee. "Something about morals and rights maybe? Or existence? Or is this my class on nothingness? Who knows, honestly.”

Lee was unable to comment further, as he was busy loading his next semester’s schedule with all the discussion-based classes that he could find.